Luke Powell Interview Decred in Depth (live)

Luke Powell Interview Decred in Depth (live)
Luke Powell Interview Decred in Depth (live)

Luke Powell, Software Developer, and Decred Contractor will be sitting down with us live this Wednesday, April 7 @ 1 pm EST. We will be talking about TLOG, the upcoming politeia consensus change, and its implications for scalability and DAOs. Tune in live for an opportunity to ask Luke a question.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 7:30 Where are you from/childhood memory involving computers
  • 8:40 How did you become the lead dev for Politeia?
  • 9:50 What attracted you to working on Decred?
  • 12:00 What are the biggest changes being made in the v0.2.0 release?
  • 20:00 Why was TLOG needed
  • 25:25 Why was TLOG needed
  • 32:50 What direction do you imagine Politeia goes from here
  • 33:46 What is a DAO
  • 36:13 Why do traditional corporate structures fail to characterize DAOs
  • 37:43 Are DAOs outside of government,s control?
  • 38:24 What do you think of DAOs owning digital synthetic representation of real-world assets?
  • 39:40 Corporations in 1st industrial revolution & DAOs in the current digital revolution
  • 40:35 What does the future of DAOs look like and how does Decred capture a lion's share of that momentum? How does it scale out?
  • 41:34 What kind of DAOs can you imagine for the future?
  • 43:14 How do you see Decred interacting with other DAOs?
  • 44:07 How does Decred’s DAO differ from other DAOs you’ve observed?
  • 44:46 What are some interesting use-cases for DCR
  • 47:39 How do you see the landscape of privacy vs. regulation playing out and how has Decred positioned itself for likely outcomes?
  • 52:32 Are the current VSP auto-vote rules (for example vs. mining empty blocks) set in stone? What are other potential reasons in the future to downvote a block?
  • 54:22 What stops working/how do we quickly recover if c0 gets raided by the feds and domain name seized?
  • 56:47 Why will smart contract chains inevitably devolve into permissioned chains
  • 1:06:00 Luke’s Call to action
  • 1:06:55 Smart contract platforms match the old system, but value will flow to Decred like chains
  • 1:08:15 problems with projects with no clear governance
  • 1:11:23 Live audience questions