Decred 2.0 The Remix - State of the market

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Decred 2.0 The Remix - State of the market
Decred 2.0 The Remix - State of the market


We went LIVE – Sunday, June 2nd 2024 – 3pm UK TIME

Decred and the State of the market is brought to you by Exitus and PhoenixGreen with featured guests Jake Yocom-Piatt & Dave Colins.

In this discussion, we’ll be talking about Decred 2.0 which is a major release for the protocol and finalises several key developments discussed in the original roadmap. We’ll also be discussing what comes next in the evolution of Decred.

Livestream agenda:

Key features for the Decred 2.0 release:

  • Higher network throughput
    • Increased network throughput improves performance in several key areas. Can you explain how this has been achieved and the main benefits?
      • Blocks propagate more quickly throughout the network
      • More responsive during traffic bursts and general network congestion.
  • Lightweight client sync time reduced by around 50%
    • Considering that Decred SPV wallets initial sync is already pretty fast, approximately 20 mins, this update has achieved a remarkable boost in sync times for new wallets. Can you dive into how this has been achieved?
  • Improved initial peer discovery
    • I’ve always felt that Decred’s peer discovery is among the best of any decentralised network. Could you explain why this was an important update to pursue and how it improves the resilience of the network?
  • Reject protocol message removal
    • I’m not sure if there is much to discuss on this point. But we could touch on it if there are any points you’d like to make?
  • Decentralised StakeShuffle mixing
    • The StakeShuffle mixing process is now fully decentralised via the peer-to-peer network as of this release. All core software has been upgraded to make use of the new decentralised coordination facilities.
    • Can you walk us through how this process now works and what this means for anyone using it?
    • What are the main benefits of this upgrade and what will this mean for Decred going forward?
  • Updates to the RPC server & Quality assurance changes
    • What are the main improvements achieved, and how do these changes impact on the network?

What comes next for Decred?

  • Bison Relay development
  • CMS and Politeia on Bison Relay
  • BR web pages
  • BR store front
  • BR mobile