If I were a betting man...

(and I am)

If I were a betting man...
If I were a betting man...

Obligatory: this is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.

Bitcoin log growth curves

As you can see, the log growth curves have served as reliable projections of potential macro tops and bottoms. We are currently hovering just ~8% above the bottom band. I’m VERY interested in this price range and how the market reacts between $33k-36k.


The anchored VWAP bands are still being respected and it looks like there will be two closed daily wicks back inside the lower band.

This would be a logical place for a rally back to the VWAP line (blue line) which could complete the fractal that I had mentioned in my previous article (see below)

Rangebound markets

DCR trading range

Decred is still ranging. If you’re interested in ranges, now could be an opportune time to nab some more with 10/80 activating in just two days (10% yield!). But as always, be careful where the broader market is headed, keep your risk exposure in check.


I see lots of volatility of both bears and bulls on crypto twitter right now. I’m sticking to my plan. I’m extremely interested in the next dump. Have a plan of your own if things don’t go as you expect. Always keep some dry powder around. And make sure your 10/80 DCR stack is filled.