Decred's 7th Birthday Bash

Twitter Space hosted by Tivra @WasPraxis to discuss seven years of Decred. Where it's been and where it's headed.

Decred's 7th Birthday Bash
Decreds 7th Birthday Bash

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Twitter Space topics include:

  • How members got into Decred
  • What made Decred stand out
  • Why no one thought the project would happen
  • Company 0 "Bad for Bitcoin so let's build something else"
  • Decred Air Drop and people who couldn't prove they weren't robots
  • MC2 white paper ahead of it's time
  • ASIC resistance and miner centralisation
  • Decred is building tools for the future
  • BTCSuite being used as the preferred node for Lightning Labs
  • and so much more ...

For those not in the loop, Decred is building a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) around the premise of sound money. Decred has a fix maximum supply of 21 million, is governed by its coin holders and is self funded from its decentralised treasury.Through its decentralised, open sources and fee-less exchange (DCRDEX), Decred aims to be not only a project for peer to peer transactions but a platform for peer to peer exchange.

An interoperability factor unparalleled by any other project.

Find out more about Decred:

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