Decred the Armoured Lizard

Decred is an evolving beast that has many principle narratives that revolve around the technical and blockchain design components. Decred is an Armoured Lizard

Inspired by Murad's interview where he described Decred as an “Armoured lizard" –

Decred is an Armoured Lizard because it adapts and overcomes in each of the following areas.

Decred is an Armoured Lizard

Superior Store of Value: Decred is unique in the ledger assurances it provides. It assures high security, ability to evolve and a well-defined mechanism to be decisive. Decred will outlast competition at the tail of the block subsidy, Decred will be better equipped than any other chain to manage those tail risks and realities.

Superior Governance: Governance is the topic in cryptocurrencies least understood, but probably most important and hardest to get right.

Decred is built with intelligence and forward-thinking, it has herd intelligence in the form of discussion and voting. Governance is unpopular, and most will ignore it until it’s too late. No one does governance better than Decred.

Decred The DAO: Decred's governance and treasury underpin its ability to evolve and self-sustain. This makes for an aligned incentive base and a technology stack uniquely designed for longevity.

Flexible and Agile: Decred is not a copy and paste, it’s built from the ground up. Decred differentiates across multiple significant layers such as governance, treasury, consensus model, security, issuance and adaptability.

Don’t follow the herd, make the future peer to peer and remove all middlemen custodians. Decred doesn’t just talk about it, it builds it and is true to its principles.

Evolution of Employment: Decred destroys borders. It enables people around the world to coordinate and build value towards a central goal of sound money. Decred isn't concerned about your background, past, culture or whether you are wearing pants. It employs people without discrimination who do good work, and demonstrate an appreciation of Decred’s core values.

Universal Truth Anchor: “Decred’s Truth Machine” or “High-security distributed timestamping oracle”. Decred’s hyper secure, fork resistances will make it a better contender for this title than any other cryptocurrency. Essentially, if it hasn't been timestamped or attested to the DCR chain, it didn't happen.

Fork resistance: The rules of the game say, “Let’s move away from money printing!”. With this in mind, all forks that chain-split from a running cryptocurrency are fraud. And any project that doesn’t protect itself from this effect is encouraging this behaviour. Decred is the first and only cryptocurrency to become fork resistant and remove the ability to soft fork.

Everyone has to run the same software. Decred is hard fork only. All upgrades have to be voted on by stakeholders. Decred is forward compatible.

Decred, there will only ever be one!

Peer to peer exchange: Decred has built the first peer to peer, fee-less exchange that doesn’t require permission to use. Bitcoin was the first peer to peer money! Decred takes this principle further with Peer to peer exchange.

Inspired by Checkmatey’s Forward thinking Friday –\_thinking\_friday\_decred\_narratives\_26\_june/

Have your say, what else can Decred do that makes it stand out from all other projects?