Decred Society Interview Decred in Depth (live)

Decred Society Interview Decred in Depth (live)
Decred Society Interview Decred in Depth (live)

I will be sitting down with Decred Society Tuesday April 27th @ 10am EST. Decred Society (Phoenix Green) is a well-known Decred community member and new Decred Contractor. We will be talking about his recent video content proposal, how he became interested in Decred, and how he sees the future of Decred.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:18 How did you come up with the name Decred society
  • 3:33 What is your background
  • 5:48 How did you fall down the Decred rabbit hole
  • 10:35 Why did you start making Decred content as opposed to other projects
  • 13:08 What do you think of using treasury money for marketing
  • 15:30 Why is marketing important in crypto?
  • 17:11 What were some of the philosophical/economic ideas that attracted you to decred
  • 20:04 Why is an open ledger important for a decentralized society
  • 21:42 Can you explain your 21 million coins thought experiment
  • 24:04 What features are most important in a SoV crypto/Why is Decred a better SoV than Bitcoin
  • 26:58 Using Litecoin to get into a Decred position
  • 29:29 traditional financial system pushing people to crypto
  • 34:06 How has Decred changed you economic behavior
  • 36:44 The 4 reasons for crypto: savings, pension, death, paypal
  • 37:88 Pensions and crypto
  • 40:49 Death and crypto
  • 43:31 What is your goal for your new Decred video series
  • 45:43 What difficulties do you have explaining Decred to nocoiners
  • 47:51 What is your message to new Decred community members
  • 51:22 What Decred features will drive adoption/ What feature is most underrated
  • 53:11 How does Decred compare to other projects in terms of governance
  • 55:15 Bitcoin’s adhoc governance
  • 56:30 What features would you like Decred to adopt in the future
  • 59:00 What are implications for Decred’s decentralized treasury 1:02:00 How does Decred create a more fair society
  • 1:04:23 What is your advice to creators looking to get involved in Decred
  • 1:06:28 Questions from the live chat
  • 1:10:43 Last message to the Decred stakeholders