Decred Open Discussion - Self-Custody is King

Join the Decred community on Twitter Spaces and discuss your thoughts on the project and the wider crypto industry.

Decred Open Discussion - Self-Custody is King
Decred Open Discussion - Self-Custody is King

Join hosts Exitus @exitusdcr and Tivra @WasPraxis for the first Decred Twitter space  -


Guests include:

  • @fst_nml
  • @artikozel
  • @MadScrilla1

In this episode, we talk all things Decred and the crypto space, including:

  • Self Custody vs Custodians
  • FTX downfall and why no one saw it coming.
  • The bear market and how Decred has faired under these current conditions
  • Decred's proposal and contractor systems
  • How Decred could do better marketing and reach a broader market
  • The fall of the crypto industry and the rise of cryptocurrencies
  • DCRDEX the gold standard of peer to peer exchange (Atomic swaps)
  • DCRDEX and the Mesh Network
  • Utilising satellite systems, starlink to transact with blockchains and keeping the network running
  • Decred's Thorchain integration is unlikely to move forward due to shift in Thorchain principles towards large cap projects
  • Decred being used to timestamp political information
  • Why does Decred get ignored when all this great stuff is happening?
  • Having no VC's is a negative and a positive
  • Creating a Decred army community
  • Marketing opportunities and how other projects are approaching marketing
  • Where's the market going in 2023?
  • Moving to a world where there are two versions of crypro - regulated and non-regulated
  • Problems with staked Ethereum
  • FTX was fraud.

If you'd like to be involved in the next Decred Twitter Space contact Exitus @exitusdcr and Tivra @WasPraxis