Decred Katana

Decred has sharpened its sword against centralisation, surveillance and custodial services.

The crypto space has many unique problems that in most cases only innovation will solve. What some fail to grasp is innovation takes effort, skill, precision, and most importantly, time.

Permissionless tech and sound money have a few uncompromising core values. If even one of these is missing, it undermines the fundamental principles.

  • Open source with a non-restrictive licence
  • Transparent and deterministic
  • Non-custodial
  • No personal details (KYC)
  • Privacy options
  • High levels of security and encryption
  • No adverts or tracking
  • No arbitrarily service fees or middleman
  • Censorship resistant

Decred has built a tech stack on these principles and substituted short-term profits for a future of no constraints. Decred’s software has been referred to as “a public good that can be used, explored and developed by people looking for greater freedoms in their digital lives”.