The Art of Discretion: Exploring Privacy Through Creativity

Privacy is a fundament right that needs to be fought for.

Decred's opt-in privacy reminds me of the way an octopus can protect itself from attackers by choosing to blend in its environment, a well thought out protection system.

Decred blending into its environment

For its privacy system Decred developers decided to take a mixnet approach, where they have integrated the mixnet with Decred’s Proof-of-Stake (“PoS/ticket”) governance system. Giving the mixing output / anonymity set a significant boost in volume, with over 60% of it's supply locked in staking.

Decred mixnet

Decred's stakeshuffle style privacy system (coinshuffle++) is integrated into its governance ticket system.

Participants of the governance system constantly buy tickets time-locking their coins in the process, all those constant transactions gives decred stakeshuffle system a much higher anonymity set then most other coinjoin style systems in the market.

Decred's stakeshuffle

Decred helps defending your privacy, which is very important when looking for "financial" freedom. Shared in first place with security!

Defend your privacy