Decred is money evolved!

When I hear Decred being criticised for not having x feature or not being able to do the latest buzzword. I remind myself – Decred already does what it’s meant to do!

Decred was built to be better money, sound money, fairer money, money evolved. “But that’s why we have Bitcoin!” Bitcoin is fine, but I prefer Decred.

The world is moving to a digital global currency, whether we like it or not. What that currency looks like is very much undecided. But one thing is for sure, most of us don’t want more of the same.

Decred is already a better sound money than 99.9% of what already exists in crypto and other forms of value, and here’s why.

Deterministic supply

21 million coins is the desired maximum cap of a crypto project, as set out in the Bitcoin white paper. This allows a project to grow slowly or remain a niche project without causing extensive devaluation.

Coin holder governance

Decred’s coin holders validate the miner's work, vote on the direction of the project, and decide how the project spends its money. Just like the coins, the voting tickets are also in limited supply. But if you own enough DCR, you can buy one and participate in the governance of the system.



Decred’s hybrid POW/POS system is a first of its kind and gives the project a massive advantage compared to pure POW projects or pure POS projects. Decred’s hybrid system takes the best of both of these systems to make the project hyper secure, with only a fraction of the hash power.

Decrediton Armoured Wallet


Privacy is a sort after commodity, but as we’ve seen too frequently over the past year, badly implemented systems can be costly to maintain. Decred’s system is elegant, efficient and takes full advantage of off-chain processing and the DCR ticket pool to give it robustness with a high throughput.

Decred coin supply and privacy


Projects should be able to sustain their development long into the future. By having a limited supply of coins and a treasury that takes 10% of the block reward. Decred has secured its progress long into the future. Decred is self funding.

Decred Treasury


Not everything needs to go on-chain. Decred only puts information on-chain that is necessary. By being a lightweight chain, anyone in the community can run fully validation nodes and validate the information without relying on a third party.

Decred Blockchain size

Decred is money evolved!

Because Decred already does what it’s meant to do, it means, I can transact with my peers with no worries. Decred is permissionless sound money that anyone can use. Decred has tools that anyone can adopt. Decred is the future of peer to peer exchange.