Decred is coming back to mobile

Let's talk mobile and a world of possibilities! Cryptopower is a multi-coin wallet for DCR, BTC and LTC designed for both desktop and mobile platforms written entirely in Go.

Decred is coming back to mobile
Decred is coming back to mobile


We went LIVE – Sunday, October 1st 2023 – 3pm UK TIME

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In this episode, we’ll be talking to @dreacot about the new cryptopower wallet, its exciting features, and what to expect going forward.

In previous episodes, we’ve discussed extensively about Decred needing to be available for mobile users, missed opportunities and the impact mobile products could have on the Decred project. The aim of this show is to take this conversation forward from the perspective of someone who building and developing in the crypto mobile space.  Along with this, it would also be great to discuss the challenges and ways in which we’ll be navigating them.

Live stream agenda:

Let’s start by learning a little about @dreacot and their background? e.g. when and how you got into crypto, what brought you to Decred and your development experiences.

I’m interested to hear your views on why it’s important for Decred to have mobile apps and what it could mean for the project?

The cryptopower wallet is a rebranding and continuation of the GoDCR wallet. What made you want to pick up this project and become project lead?

Can you tell us a little about the cryptopower wallet and its features?

What was the thinking behind changing from a pure Decred DCR wallet into a multi-coin wallet?

What future features are you interested in implementing? e.g. Decred features and products from the crypto space.

What are some of the problems you face with developing for the mobile space, and how might they be overcome? e.g. iOS has rules around crypto and payment systems that could get in the way of making features available.

Community Questions:

Bee: What risks and unknowns are in Go/Gio/gomobile builds, how Gio development and adoption has been doing?

How Gio performs in areas where all new gui toolkits struggle vs older mature toolkits (keyboard navigation, scaling, OS integration, etc.)?

Will we get on official F-Droid or our custom F-Droid? the state of reproducible builds (some work was put but it needs more afaik)

Zippycorners: Would love to go deep into Gio itself and hear if that's an actively developed framework? What kind of stuff it's adding/unlocking besides the fact that "it can all be written in Go". Also, is it a dev-friendly framework to work with?

Find out more about dreacot and the cryptopower wallet:

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