Cryptopower: Golang Native Desktop & Mobile Wallet

Decred is coming back to mobile! Here's some highlights from the Cryptopower wallet

Cryptopower: Golang Native Desktop & Mobile Wallet
Cryptopower: Golang Native Desktop & Mobile Wallet
Politeia - Decred’s Proposal System
Politeia is the proposal system that is used to request funding from Decred’s network treasury. The Decred stakeholders decide how treasury funds are allocated.

Cryptopower is a multi-coin wallet for DCR, BTC and LTC designed for both desktop and mobile platforms. With the entire app written in a single programming language (Go - the primary language used in Decred), Cryptopower aims to achieve better efficiency, security, and portability, compared to existing Decred wallets.

The wallet is built using Gio, a Golang library for the implementation of cross-platform user interfaces. By leveraging a tightly integrated Golang codebase, Cryptopower delivers a native app experience that is lighweight, faster, and more efficient for the Decred ecosystem.

Cryptopower is an enhanced version of the previous GoDCR desktop wallet. The previous GoDCR project was discontinued and abandoned sometime after the last GoDCR Proposal failed to pass, and a new team swung into action to use the GoDCR codebase to produce an even better wallet for the Decred ecosystem. The result of this effort is the Cryptopower multi-coin wallet, which boasts of similar features as existing Decred wallet apps such as Decrediton, Decred Wallet Android/Decred Wallet iOS and even has additional features not found in the aforementioned wallets.

Desktop Screenshots:

Mobile Screenshots:

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