Decred holding all cards

To hold all the cards is to have all the resources or advantages needed to be in control of a situation. To be dominant in a group, to be in the strongest position, to have an edge, or to have everything in your favour.

From its earliest developments, Decred has been holding all the cards and pushing for innovation in areas that others didn’t realise were important. Decred’s Developers learned from experience and insight. Intuitively, they could see what was coming, and the tools needed to deal with the inevitable conditions.

A little history: Decred’s development team “Company 0” built BTCSuite, a full node implementation of Bitcoin, built in the Go language. The idea was to offer an alternative to the Bitcoin Core full node software, built in C++. This initiative was built to give Bitcoin an alternative that would inevitably add to the protocol's security in times of disruption. It was not received well and ultimately became the foundation for Decred.

Decred Building the future of blockchain technology

This is where Decred learned its vital lessons and experienced first hand the issues that were just around the corner. Future blockchains must be:

  • Secure – Sound money is not sound if it isn’t secure
  • Adaptable – Able to adjust to new conditions
  • Sustainable – Able to be maintained no matter the level of growth
  • Private – Users should expect a high level of privacy as a necessity not a privilege

Back in 2016, the team openly debated that projects without formal governance for upgrading would come under attack from social vectors and contentious issues, inevitably leading to multiple chains and power struggles. The very next year, this theory was tested.

Decred’s strongest feature is good governance. With good governance, the coin holder can have the final say on all issues and upgrades. Decred has upgraded its network protocol no less than nine times without issue or contentious hard fork.

This is why I Decred!

Decred Voting Cycle

Holding all the cards

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Decred holding all cards