Accounts in Decrediton

Decrediton, digital wallet technology is leading the way in usability and design. In this episode we look at how to make use of the accounts feature.

Accounts in Decrediton
Accounts in Decrediton

Although not directly a privacy feature, having multiple wallets with multiple accounts helps to obscure your coin holdings when making direct purchases or transacting with others. This combined with using a new receive address for each transaction makes it almost impossible to ascertain the amounts in someone's wallet, on an open blockchain like Decred’s. If you want full privacy on the Decred chain, you’ll need to use the built-in coin mixing service, coinshuffle++, which I’ll demo in a future video.

Accounts help you to stay organised, and it makes it possible to distribute your coins into different pots, for example – Savings, Daily spending, Bills etc…

Setting up a couple of accounts and distributing money between them:

  • Account section, Creating account
  • Account privacy features
  • Balance types
  • Renaming accounts
  • Moving money between accounts
  • Receiving funds to different accounts
  • Accounts always use new receive addresses