Top 5 reasons Decred's price will explode.

The vision is to achieve sovereignty through decentralization and slowly unrigging all parts of society. And where did it all start? With an ultra-secure, durable and fair store of value.

Looking for a smart investment with massive potential? Here are five reasons why you need Decred right now:

1) Built to last

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that come and go, Decred is designed to stand the test of time. As a Decred holder, you have a say in how the platform adapts and evolves, making it a stable, reliable investment for the long term. Did You Know (DYK), No one apart from holders can change things, or spend money from the decentralized treasury. Unruggable.

2) Staking

By staking your DCR, you can earn a 7% return on your investment while securing the network. And with non-custodial, post-quantum-resistant privacy, you can rest assured that your investment is safe and secure. When staking Decred, it could take from 1 day to 6 months randomly to unlock your funds and rewards. Decred is 7 years old (with zero hacks), 33% of the coin supply is still to be earned. With a longer distribution period, it makes it fairer and easier to onboard future folks.

3) Undervalued.

Thanks to the recent investigation into a malicious cartel of miners from Tacorevenge, the true potential of Decred is finally starting to be recognized. Despite hitting new all-time highs in 2021, Decred is still massively undervalued, there is plenty of room for growth.

4) Less selling pressure.

Decred stakeholders recently voted overwhelmingly to reduce the block reward of miners from 60% to 10%, resulting in less selling pressure on the market. Additionally, stakeholders have seen their staking reward increase from 30% to 80%. This also contributes to less selling pressure as well, as over 66% of all circulating Decred is currently being staked (they have no plans to sell for the next six months).

Resulting in mathematically fewer coins available to purchase.DYK, The vote passed with 92% in favour, showing how much miners participated in the voting/dao...

5) More demand.

BisonRelay is now four months old, a peer-to-peer social media platform that has no censorship, no surveillance, and no advertising. It is built on the Decred Lightning Network, and front-end stores are also expected to emerge soon. DYK, In BisonRelay there are no 'likes', did you like the content? Send a tip, as low as 0.000000001 dcr. Posting for example, the whole bible on Bison Relay will cost you 0.0000432128 dcr or about 0.00086 USD.

5) Even more demand.

DCRDEX is the go-to place for peer-to-peer crypto trading with no trading fees, no middle coin, no KYC, and non-custodial. Using atomic swaps, DCR/BTC, BTC/LTC have been running like clockwork for years now, but the recent introduction of stable coin, USDC/BTC and USDC/DCR pairs will bring in even more folk to the platform, especially after the FTX fiasco...

Bonus, 6) Hardcore OG passionate top developers.

They wrote the LN code used in bitcoin, the implementation of atomic swaps etc, some come and some leave, but the core team is still working hard to achieve their vision. The price has gone up 20x, they keep building. The price has also gone down by 10x, but they keep delivering.

The vision is to achieve sovereignty through decentralization and slowly unrigging all parts of society. And where did it all start? With an ultra-secure, durable and fairer store of value.

Get some Decred now on DCRDEX BTC/DCR, DCR/LTC, pair or on Binance.DYK; NFA DYOR.