Preparing for DCRDEX v1

The next release of DCRDEX is likely to be the biggest upgrade to the platform we’ve seen to date.

Preparing for DCRDEX v1
Preparing for DCRDEX v1
We go LIVE – Sunday, May 12th 2024 – 3pm UK TIME

Decred and the State of the market is brought to you by Exitus and PhoenixGreen with featured guests from BasicSwap DEX.

In this discussion, we’ll be discussing what we can expect from the next release of DCRDEX. Which is likely to be the biggest upgrade to the platform we’ve seen to date.

What new coins and pairs can we expect?

  • Polygon USDC & BTC for all available pairs!!!
  • Dash & Litecoin, two of the most used cryptos
  • Firo, a next level privacy coin
  • Digibyte, an ultra-high throughput coin

What new features can we expect?

  • Non-custodial Privacy as standard. Click of a button!!!
  • Non-custodial staking as standard. Click of a button!!!
  • Peer to peer trading with no trading fees!!!

What about market makers?

  • Cross platform market making bots will be available from day one!!

Live stream agenda:

  • Do we have an expected release date for version 1?
  • Are there plans to remove / reduce the fidelity bond to help with onboarding?
  • Are there plans to reduce the lot size for BTC pairs?
  • Which new pairs and coins can we expect to see in the initial release of DCRDEX v1?
  • Which of these new coins will have an easy to set up internal wallet?
  • What improvements have been made to help with usability and setup of the Ethereum wallet? Will these improvements be included for the Polygon wallet?
  • Is version 1 being rebranded, and what can you tell us about this rebrand and what it will mean for the product?
  • Are Market Maker Bots coming to version 1? If so, what can you tell use about how these work and what we can expect?
  • Having advanced wallet features, like privacy and voting, was something I know you were aiming to achieve for wallets like Decred and ZCash. How has this been progressing, and can we expect any of these features in v1?
  • I know this wasn’t directly related to your work on DCRDEX, but I wonder if you could give us an update on the status of DCRDEXs Mesh Network?
  • What other new features and improvements can we expect in v1?
  • Your final thoughts and what you are most looking forward to in the up coming DCRDEX release.