Future is here? A talk with OpenAi about the crypto market

Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking technological field. Combining computer science with robust datasets, AI leverages machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making skills of a human being. Alongside cryptocurrencies, AI has changed our way of comprehending the world. These new technologies can enhance our daily experiences, improving the security and effectiveness of various regular tasks.

With the mission of learning a little more about both topics (AI and Crypto), I had a quick talk with ChatGPT, a very well made AI program that interacts conversationally. Let's see how the conversation went and what are the thoughts of ChatGPT about some crypto topics.

I began my conversation by asking  a simple question

ChatGPT seemed very confident about the innovation brought to the money world by cryptocurrencies. It also gives the correct warning by highlighting the existence of many coins, and some of the problems that are usually challenges to newcomers. Next question!

I was happy to discover that ChatGPT was aware of the Decred project. It described some of Decred goals and ethos with extreme accuracy. I wanted to go deeper into its thoughts on decentralization, one of the Decred development compasses.

ChatGPT seemed to understand very well the concept of decentralization. I noticed that some of the decentralization challenges described by it are a part of Decred reality, and are basilar to some of the project`s development solutions. Politeia is a governance platform created to help the Decred community with the discussion of the project`s funding. Recently Bison Relay was launched to be a free-speech decentralized social network. It was funny to see that AI can "read your mind" in some ways.

I asked ChatGPT about the decentralization of our current society. I agreed with his statement with some reservations. I think that decentralization can replace most of our society's centralization. Platforms like Politeia, where users can debate and decide over the fate of an organization, show that we already have the technology to walk towards decentralization. We must work so the decentralized way can be popularized and adapted.

Democratic governments should go beyond and let people participate in more ways than just electing representatives, and start deciding on matters like the public budget and approval of laws. A decentralized financial system also has a lot of advantages, not letting a few entities decide over other people`s money is a good way of preventing fraud and disabling the profit over privileged information by a few individuals. DCRDEX is a great example of how the Decred team improved the project decentralization by building an exchange. DCRDEX has no gatekeeping or frontrunning, users have full custody of their coins and trade them via atomic swaps, and no one profits from their business.

Changing the subject, a little, I wanted to talk with ChatGPT about another vital Decred principle: Privacy.

ChatGPT is correct in saying that no cryptocurrency guarantees total privacy since there are many ways to track a transaction,  all of them get registered on the project`s blockchain. One thing ChatGPT forgot to mention was that Decred CoinJoin transactions are created by the mixing protocol Coinshuffle++. This privacy tool is a non-custodial process that obfuscates the ownership of DCR coins, where the output addresses get anonymized via a mixnet. When using CSPP, the outputs are fully anonymized, and none of the peers or the server can link outputs and inputs.

This talk with ChatGPT surprised me! I was amazed to try a new technology and learn with it. You really have the impression that you are talking with a real person, interested in any topic mentioned. Let`s hope both blockchain and AI continue to evolve, providing us new, fascinating experiences!

If you can try ChatGPT by yourself, clicking here.