Decred THORChain Integration

This integration has seen some interesting development and the usual contention.

Decred THORChain Integration
Decred THORChain Integration
Decred THORChain Integration

This week, I was excited to see a post from the Dash Community, mentioning their integration to THORChain along side Decred integration. I was a little sceptical, so asked the question, is this true? (you can read the full conversation below)

As many of you will know, a Decred community member @fst_nml put up a $100,000 bounty for a developer willing to build Decred’s integration into the THORChain. This development started and was progressing well until it unexpectedly stopped.

As it turns out, there is still $50k left to fund someone who wants to complete this implementation, for anyone interested they should contact @fst_nml.

@fsl_nml still wants to see this integration happen but as they are not a developer they are using their own resources to complete this task. There are certain challenges left, specifically related to memos (possibly related to op_return to see how Thorchain is doing the swaps) that the memos need to go in particular order that is mentioned in the work log that Alex posted.

“I will say, Alex also did the Dash integration, but Dash has in no way helped, nor funded, any of this integration, and for them to take credit for it is pretty shitty and I’ll call them out on it”. @fst_nml
It needs to be said that, the dash_community twitter also does not reflect the Dash project, it’s no different than me spinning up a decred_community Twitter. So this is not official communication by any means, just a Twitter handle.

@fst_nml goes on to say - People may be wondering why there was no Decred proposal listed. A proposal can not satisfy this type of endeavour. It’s a large undertaking, with many moving pieces and the only way to really play this out is to get involved and understand all the moving pieces. In the Thorchain community, during the time of this writing, the goal was to add additional chains. As this would help improve the overall liquidity of the network. Then the hack happened, on the Thorchain network, and they moved passed that, with the new goal of the Thorchain community being to add chains that would provide lots of volume to the network.

The Lead dev, son_of_odin has mentioned his goal is to add 20 chains to the network, but it’s really the node operators choice as to which chains get added. There is also a lot of hesitation on adding Dash, Monero and Haven as these will be very political regardless of how much effort has been put into these integrations. For the reason being, if people swap tainted etc/xhv, and LP’s are left with tainted btc.

The community really wants to see support for new chains, and they want to be sure that the new chains that get added will benefit the tc network, volume wise. Point being lots of moving pieces, but I want to emphasise, I’m still working towards getting Decred added. The best thing that the Decred network can do is support the integration, and for me personally, I’m providing dcr/rune capital into the potential Decred pool that gets added. This will benefit both projects, and swappers on both sides.

This is a great initiative started by @fst_nml then pushed along by developer Alex @alexdcox on Gitlab. It’s great to see this initiative progressing and I look forward to experimenting with this I the near future.

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