Decred Roundtable - The next crypto craze

In this show, we’re exploring the fast-paced world of crypto. New opportunities and the growing world of value extraction and market manipulation in 2023.

Decred Roundtable - The next crypto craze


We went LIVE – Saturday, February 4th 2023 – 1pm UK TIME

Decred and the State Of The Market is brought to you by @Exitus and @DecredSociety and aims to look at current social, economic, and crypto news and how it relates to Decred. This time, we’re joined by community members Tivra, DCRJay and Motorsport Proposal owner Laurent De Coninck.

Live stream agenda:

Politeia - Decred’s Proposal System
Politeia is the proposal system that is used to request funding from Decred’s network treasury. The Decred stakeholders decide how treasury funds are allocated.

If you want to find out more about Laurent and Yannick and the progress they're making in their racing careers you can follow them at:

Sponsorship in Motorsports
As many of you will already know, I’m a huge motorsport fan and the idea of Decred being featured on the side of a car does intrigue me, even if I’m not 100% sure of the overall value to the community.

Question: How did you find out about the Decred project, and what made you consider Decred as a sponsorship partner for your racing team?

Question: The community will likely be very sceptical of this proposal, and the current chances of success seem marginal based on community discussion. What value do you believe this proposal brings to Decred, or how do you see it improving the visibility / awareness of the project?

Question: How proposal owners budget is a big concern for stakeholders, as a rule, most payments happen over time or after work has been completed. What intervals do you intent to invoice for? For example, — the entire budget in one lump sum or in stages (e.g. Paint the car = one payment; Finish first race = next payment etc…)

Question: If the proposal is successful, would you be interested in doing follow-up videos / live streams to demonstrate your progress? e.g. show off the car with its Decred paint job; Discuss how well each race went; Specific information / feedback regarding Decred as a sponsor; Provide highlight reels/videos for each race, so we can use them for promotional purposes.

Question: What will the car look like when it's done and will you advertise any of Decred's services?

Question: Can Decred members get free / discounted tickets to come and watch the races? If the proposal is successful, I’m aiming to come and watch at least one of the Spa race days.

Question: Finally, is there anything you’d like to add to reassure the stakeholders of the value of this proposal?

Part 2 – What’s the next crypto craze?

What could be the next crypto craze, will it be cute monkey pictures on the blockchain or buying crystal meth on DNMs? Is the wonderful world of crypto suspended between these two extremes!

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