Decred Roundtable - State of the market

In this show, we’re exploring some hot topics surrounding Decred and its evolution. This show is a salute to lukebp – The Decred Roundtable is back!

Decred Roundtable - State of the market
Decred Round Table - State of the market
Set your reminders, we go LIVE - Sunday, Sept 4th 2022 – 3pm UK 

Decred and the state Of the market is brought to you by @Exitus and @DecredSociety and aims to look at current social, economic, and crypto news and how it relates to Decred. This time, we are joined by three community members to talk about all things Decred and the crypto space.

  • Tivra - @WasPraxis,
  • Ronnie Amato - @MadScrilla1
  • DCR_h3la - @h3la1


Introductions: Let’s start by finding out a little about each of our community members. Starting with backgrounds, when they got into crypto and how they got into Decred?

Let’s start with a positive, in your opinion, what is Decred’s killer feature and is there a feature you would like to see?

In terms of community marketing, what do you think Decred and its community are doing well? What are your thought on the New Website + its messaging?

One question I hear often is, what can the community do to drive user adoption? What initiatives or activities should we be encouraging the community to start, work on, or improve? And how could we better market the project and grow the community?

A more specific marketing topic, how should we market the Decred DEX?

What are your thoughts on the strange behaviour of Decred Markets lately? And what are your thoughts on TS (The Suppressor) and it’s perceived manipulation in this area?

In recent Twitter discussions, it’s been implied that POS + no increase in transaction number = Decred being centralised. I don't agree with this statement, but what are our overall thoughts on POS, transactions and how decentralised the project is? How does Decred compare to other projects in the space?

In terms of the wider crypto space, where do you see it in ten years, and what do you think of the current ethos of the dominant projects in the space?

Are there any projects in the space that you believe hold as much potential as Decred, if so, why?

Community Questions

What do you guys think JYP’s new feature / update will be, and when will it be available?

What are your thoughts on sub-DAO’s? And what real-world problems could they solve?

Only 17% of voting ticket are using VSP. Are, Decred stakers more technically proficient? And what does this mean for the network in general?

If you have more questions feel free to ask during the show or below in the Twitter thread