DCRDEX Name Discussion

Changing the name becomes exponentially harder the longer we wait. So let's make a decision.

DCRDEX Name Discussion
DCRDEX Name discussion

Twitter thread by Buck - @blockchainbuck

Since launching #DecredDEX, there has been repeated discussion of choosing a new name. I am an advocate of name change, and based on feedback, the community seems warm to the idea. The name of the project has always been a little ambiguous. I've preferred #DecredDEX. Our first logo says #DCRDEX, but that was never intended to be the name. DCRDEX is just our GitHub repository.

For marketing purposes, neither DCRDEX nor Decred DEX are great, since they over emphasise #DCR. This causes people to make false assumptions about what we do. One of the most common questions we get is whether every market has to be a #DCR pair. Changing the name becomes exponentially harder the longer we wait. So let's make a decision.

Based on a handful of conversations in Element, I think the following three properties are a good starting point.

  1. The name need not include "DEX". Every (so-called) DEX has "DEX" in the name, and they're mostly centralised, rent-seeking junk. They've soiled the acronym.
  2. The name should be simple and catchy.
  3. The name should allude to Decred; the DAO that made this happen.

Nuclear Swap by Decred

Nuclear Swap by decred

Quark by Decred

Quark by decred

If you have an idea for a name and logo, now's the time. Here are some colors that you might find useful.

Background color: #393d61
Decred blue: #2b87e7
Decred green: #37c4b5
Bitcoin orange: #f7931a
Off-white lettering: #ececec

Just a rough sketch would be enough.

Follow on discussions include:

tom大地瓜 - @tom65360166·6h suggested
Free, Security, Privacy, Atom, Decred #fspadex

The circles represent, flow, exchange, atoms, triangles represent solidity, security and privacy!

Free, Security, Privacy, Atom, Decred #fspadex

Its always good to hear from both sides of the discussion:

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