Crypto Unity - Building Decentralised Bonds - State of the market

We are stronger together. Can blockchain projects overcome their differences and work together for the greater good?

Crypto Unity - Building Decentralised Bonds - State of the market
Crypto Unity - Building Decentralised Bonds - State of the market
We went LIVE – Sunday, June 11th 2023 – 3pm UK TIME

In this show, we’ll be hosting our first multi-chain discussion and looking at the potential for projects to work together and benefit from each other's innovation, research, technology and communities.

The State of the market is brought to you by Exitus and Phoenixgreen and aims to look at current social, economic, and crypto news and how it relates to Decred.

In this show we’ll be joined by:

  • Tivra @WasPraxis - From the Decred community
  • johnnylaw.dgb @JohnnyLaw2021 - From the Digibyte community
  • Jason @ZecHub - From the ZCash community
  • Łitecoin UndergrounĐ @LTCUnderground - From the Litecoin community

Live stream agenda:

Crypto and the ideals of the space are under attack in a variety of ways. It’s for this reason we’ve started several initiatives to bring communities together and begin a coordinated effort to grow a positive narrative.

These initiatives include:

  • The No scam alliance Telegram/BisonRelay group that aims to engage in open discussing and promotion of good tech with cypherpunk ideals.
  • The Vanguard group led by Exitus and Tivra to coordinate social media efforts that engage with communities across the space and promote the efforts being made with non-custodial, P2P products and technologies
  • “DecredMagazine” is aiming for a re-brand to “Cypherpunk Time” to becoming a multi-chain publication
  • DCRDEX which is a P2P exchange / multi-chain wallet that aims to be a public good for the space which excludes middlemen, trading fees, front-running and all other arbitrary mechanisms that get in the way of the p2p experience.

Panel question:

  • What are the unique selling points for the crypto project that you represent?
  • Crypto is under attack! From centralised exchanges, mining cartels, privacy restrictions, and government regulatory pressures. Which attack vector do you feel is causing the biggest issue for crypto, and how is your project working to overcome it?
  • Privacy – How does your project deal with privacy, and what are some benefits and drawbacks?
  • Exchange – What is your current perception of crypto exchange and how do you think this will develop going forward e.g. more CEX, DEX, P2P
  • Sound money – What are your views on sound money, and do you think crypto in general is heading in the right direction to achieve this goal?
  • NFT's – What are your views on NFT’s and Tokens, and is your project working on any implementations to have these included in their tech?
  • Community and adoption – Something we’re quite passionate about is growing our community and making it more inclusive. What kind of activities has your project engaged in to increase adoption, usability and overall community engagement?
  • What else can we do to encourage cross-chain collaboration?