Completing a Litecoin Atomic-swap - DCRDEX 0.6

Now is the perfect time to give DCRDEX a test run! Version 0.6 makes it even easier and more affordable to participate in peer to peer exchange. In this video, we demonstrate how effortless it is to trade between Litecoin and Decred.

Completing a Litecoin Atomic-swap - DCRDEX 0.6
Completing a Litecoin trade - DCRDEX 0.6

After setting up DCRDEX, it’s now time to complete your first trade. The lowest barrier to entry is the DCR / LTC pair. The Lot size for this pair is 2 DCR, which is a massive reduction from the 40 DCR Lot size of the DCR / BTC pair. The on-chain transaction fees are less than a penny. And the settlement time generally is a lot quicker than any other pair.

If you're interested in trading on DCRDEX, here’s a playlist to get you started:

  1. Setting up Decrediton -
  2. Setting up DCRDEX -
  3. Setting up DCRDEX’s native wallets -