Community Proposals - Decred and the state of the market

Decred and the State of the market is brought to you by Exitus and PhoenixGreen with featured guest Peter Zen.

Community Proposals - Decred and the state of the market
Community Proposals - Decred and the state of the market
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Decred and the State of the market is brought to you by Exitus and PhoenixGreen with featured guest Peter Zen.

Decred’s proposal platform is fully integrated into the protocol and combines off-chain and on-chain mechanisms for both discussion and voting. Coin holders get the final say on every decision made.

In this discussion, we’ll look at the proposals currently up for discussion and the goals aiming to be reached.

Cryptopower: Golang Native Desktop & Mobile Wallet Phase 2

This proposal has shifted focus slightly in the updated version, with a reduced budget and time frame. The main objective is now focused on stability and bug fixing.

One area being addressed is Apple IOS not allowing centralised exchanges to be featured in the wallet (currently disabled). The team is currently working with Apple to get these reimplemented.

What are our thoughts on the product as it currently stands after the completion of the first proposal? E.g. interface, design, services, user experience

Why is it important to have a mobile wallet that is developed in houses and uses the Go language?

Discussion for future proposals:

  • Gift cards and pre-paid cards — a much requested feature. What are the possible benefits and drawbacks of having this?
  • Hardware wallet support — is a much requested feature, but I’m curious as to how much it would actually be used or how hard the implementation would be to maintain?
  • Lightning Network support — is another one of those features that I wonder how much it would be used as a standalone feature.
  • Bison Relay support — one possible area of concern is the always-on nature of Bison Relay. Would this reduce security? Also, would this make the wallet a lot heavier?

Decred Status platform

The status page is a platform that monitors the availability of key network services, applications, and APIs on the Decred network and displays this information on a simple page. The open-source software used for this platform is “Uptime Kuma”.

With this platform, if a Decred service goes down for maintenance or unexpectedly, this can be flagged, making it a lot easier for users and admins to get a handle on the issue. And also gives the community forewarning a maintenance period is approaching.

What were your initial thoughts for building this service, and were there any other platforms you considered before settling on “Uptime Kuma”?

With the notifications, what will be the process for subscribing to these? Is there also a possibility of having these notifications directly available in a wallet like Decrediton, DCRDEX, CryptoPower?

Before seeing this proposal, I hadn’t realised the number of services decred had available was this large. But as an overview, this product can monitor things like mixing servers, DCRDEX servers etc… Will there still be a need to monitor these two specific servers once they move over to mesh networks?

What will be the main differences between the Public facing status page and internal status pages?

Questions from the community and other points from Peterzen?

Vanguard proposal 2024

The vanguard project is an outreach program aimed at improving decred’s marketing and wider engagement.

After running this program for a year, what has been your overall experience, what have you learnt, what worked what has been changed?

How will this proposal extend on the previous one, for example, are you guys taking on more marketing and PR tasks?

There’s a plan in this proposal to experiment more with promoted tweets, what are the main aims of these promotions, specifically how do you intend to coordinate and promote product releases like DCRDEX v1 and BR storefronts?

I’m interested to know, how the stipend model is working out? How effective has this been in achieving participation goals and getting members to commit time to outreach work? e.g. is it good value for money, and how are you dealing with members that might be getting the stipend but not necessarily doing enough work to validate the stipend? I also wonder if there’s a way of making this stipend target/goal based?

Promotional giveaways are a good way to help drive DCR awareness. How are you intending to extend and utilise this program further?

What other opportunities are you looking at for giveaways and incentives?

The website is undergoing a refresh to make it more ad-friendly and easier to understand for newcomers. Can you extend on what you’re planning here?

It would be interesting to hear what ideas the community has for outreach initiatives.

One thing that OfficialCryptos bought up this week was giving shoutouts to community members that are doing great work. An acknowledgment that their hard work is appreciated. This is something that projects like Digibyte do extremely well.

Community questions and closing thoughts.