Changing the rules - Decred and the state of the market

Brought to you by @Exitus @DecredSociety and Dave Collins. The show aims to look at current social, economic and crypto news and how it relates to Decred.

Changing the rules - Decred and the state of the market
Changing the rules - Decred and the state of the market

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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change - Charles Darwin, 1809


For this stream, We’re going to be discussing Decred’s recent consensus changes:

  • Revert Treasury Expenditure Policy
  • Explicit Version Upgrades
  • Automatic Ticket Revocations
  • Change PoW/PoS Subsidy Split

Introducing Dave Collins

@KingSolomonMine - I would enjoy hearing more about his past. What drove him to crypto? How does he keep his intellectual fires burning and remain a top coder in the space? Does it hurt being so smart?

And give him a good ol’ Air salute! from me…

Revert Treasury Expenditure Policy

Change maximum treasury expenditure policy as defined in DCP0007

Change the algorithm used to calculate Treasury spending limits such that it enforces the policy originally approved by stakeholders in the Decentralized Treasury proposal.


@h3la1 - How important is this move to becoming more decentralised and what else needs to be done to complete the DAO objective?

As a stakeholder what will be the process for verifying treasury payments?

Explicit Version Upgrades

Enable explicit version upgrades as defined in DCP0008

Modifications to Decred transaction and scripting language version enforcement which will simplify deployment and integration of future consensus changes across the Decred ecosystem.


How will this upgrade improve the protocol?

Are there any other blockchains that you are aware of that have achieved this capability?

Before this upgrade, how difficult would it have been for a different / newer version of the protocol to be used in the system?

Automatic Ticket Revocations

Enable automatic ticket revocations as defined in DCP0009

Changes to ticket revocation transactions and block acceptance criteria in order to enable automatic ticket revocations, significantly improving the user experience for stakeholders.


How has this upgrade helped improve Decred and why was it important to implement?

@DCR_Uncle - How can one script revoke old unrevoked tickets for everyone, what’s that script doing exactly?

Change PoW/PoS Subsidy Split

Change block reward subsidy split to 10/80/10 as defined in DCP0010

Proposal to modify to the block reward subsidy split such that 10% goes to Proof-of-Work and 80% goes to Proof-of-Stake.


Give us some background on why this change has happened and how it could effect the project going forward?

What are the worst and best scenarios / outcomes? and how might the project mitigate against an unseen consequence?

@h3la1 - Was he expecting this kind of hashrate drop after the 10/80/10?

@shikhartweet How is TS doing since the change and do we know the impact this is having on their DCR surplus?

@h3la1 - Are there any provisions for future mining initiatives e.g. changing the algorithm of pow, so we can mine it on normal cpus or gpus, something like monero?

Community Questions:

@Madscrilla1 - What can we do to attract developers? e.g L1 initiatives and to build L2s on top of Decred? A STX or XHV type of implementations.

@DCR_Uncle - What’s on his wish list of new blockchain capabilities, not including what’s already in progress

@karamblez - Lightning Integration plans for mobile e.g existing ones or is a separate app focusing on this the better solution?

@1GazaDon - Whats planned in the future to drive user adoption.

@DCR_Uncle - In dcrwallet can empty accounts be deleted or they stay forever?

@karamblez - Has he any wishes for community initiatives?

@Airgead_Maith - What one project would Dave most like to see developed into Decred that's not already on the cards?

@h3la1 - Does he think consensus changes pose any possible threat for decred? l know it is a feature, but we just got a pretty controversial one, and it was 95% clear vote, what's going to happen when the next big one gets 50 50 votes..? More people leaving the boat?

@karamblez - When hidden SubDAOs with secret url/parole as identification for their own Politeia installations?

@DCR_Uncle - Could we see instant coinjoin over LN in the future? What about atomic swap/dex order over LN?

@h3la1 - Is he happy with how dcr changes? what could be done better? how different is it from when he first started in decred?

@h3la1 - what does he think about getting eth/btc par on the dex?

@DCR_Uncle - Realistically should community members setup mix or dex server, or better to wait until mesh is available?

@h3la1, @DCR_Uncle, @DCRSME, @bisonhead21 - Is Decred looking atSubDAO’s? if so, what are the use cases and challenges?

Example - Subdaos on politeia have the potential to be like Reddit communities with a bank account I think a Decred dev said that in a podcast once. Maybe Luke Powell? Could be wrong. I like this idea. They can be serious firms or hobbies communities, etc. a tool for everyone

@DCR_Uncle, @tobiasmonero - How are major features of decred teased / released as surprise, when stakeholders should vote on adding features? Also: can you confirm if there is a secret roadmap inside c0 team that is not publicly available?

@h3la1 - What is he working on atm?

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