Buying decred is like hitting the bullseye

Although we are a little way from having a full technology stack, the progress made over the last seven years has been remarkable

Digging deep and looking past the price is something the crypto audience has typically been bad at. Chasing “number go up” has worked out terribly for the majority of us.

Whether you like it or not, bear markets or market bottoms are where the money will be made. It’s simple really, buy at the low points, sell at the high points and avoid irrationality and heightened emotions.

Bear market leveling out at the bottom

Bull markets or market tops are a time for selling or rebalancing, these are the times when optimism is typically through the roof, and you seemingly can do no wrong in your investments – “I ain’t f@@king selling!”, “Diamond hands and laser eyes ain’t selling!” are the mantras you’ll hear as you’re being dumped on after an astronomical rise.

What are you looking for when it comes to your crypto investments?

If you’re here for the innovation, decentralisation, and sound money principles and looking for a project that is likely to be around for years to come, ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Does it have a maximum cap or predictable supply?
  • Does the project have a way of self funding its development?
  • Does the project have a good history of developing non-custodial, P2P tech?
  • Does the coin holder have a say in the direction of the project?
  • Does a coin holder earn yield or interest?
  • Does the project have a formal system for upgrading?
  • Does the project have a low impact on the environment?
  • Does the project value privacy and anonymity?

There are very few projects that can answer yes to all of these questions, Decred being one of them. Although we are a little way from having a full technology stack, the progress made over the last seven years has been remarkable.

  • DCRD – A blockchain infrastructure that was rewritten from the ground up to be efficient, reliable, and secure.
  • Decrediton – A rock sold full node desktop wallet that opens access to the Decred ecosystem
  • DCRDEX – A P2P, atomic swap exchange. Trade freely with No KYC, No trading fees and No middlemen.
  • Bison Relay – A privacy preserving internet and communication platform for the next generation
  • Crypto Power – A new wallet that will bring Decred back to a world of mobile users

This is not financial advice. Crypto is typically very volatile, price can go down as well as up.