Bison Relay upgrades to version 0.1.7

At the beginning of May, Bison Relay version 0.1.7 was released with many improvements and a focus on user experience and onboarding.

Bison Relay upgrades to version 0.1.7
Bison Relay upgrades to version 0.1.7

Improved installers

Bison Relay now has verified installation packages, to help with initial setup. The macOS dmg version lets you install and start BisonRelay from the launch pad or application folder.

News feed user improvements

News Feed and Chat notification icons have been included in the sidebar. Plus New posts and new comment messages on individual posts to highlight activity. Once you’ve caught up with all your messages and social media, these notifications disappear.

New “Your Posts” button, to display all the posts you’ve written, in list order.

New post icon in the top menu, so users can start writing posts from all areas of Bison Relay, quick and easy posting.

New image upload bar for posts to make it easier to add images to posts. And a new image upload window for messages.

Right click tipping from anywhere in Bison Relay. Right-clicking on a users' profile icon to activate the menu. This can be done in chat, in groups, for posts and comments. Anywhere, a users' profile icon appears, you can tip them.

Right click tipping

Chat and Group invites

The Generate Invite button has been improved to include an invitation key and paid invites. This is a much requested feature to help simplify the onboarding process.

Fetch Invite using key button, is a new button to make it simpler to be added to chat and groups. This is where, a user will paste the key, that was created in the “generated invite” button area.

Pre-paid invites

The load invite button is still available if a user would prefer to just upload the invite.bin file to be invited to a chat or group

Groups upgrade

Groups can be upgraded to version 1. This upgrade includes the ability to add multiple admins and the ability to make your group public by adding the new GCbot as an admin.

GCBot is a new bot that lets users add themselves to groups without needing an invite. Simply enter a command into the text box, commands include “help”, “list”, “invite {group name}”

SPV and Lightning Improvements

There have been many improvements behind the scenes to improve the usability, efficiency, and reliability of Bison Relay, and it’s interaction with the Lightning Network. But there has also been a massive push to include more functionality for the user, including wallet features.

  • Bison Relay now has accounts for SPV wallets
  • Sending and receiving has been activated, users can withdraw funds from their Bison Relay SPV wallet.

With every release, Bison Relay becomes more functional and user-friendly. Although this product is still very much in the testing phase of its development, it’s impressive to see how far it’s coming in such a short period of time.

Have you tried Bison Relay yet? If so, what are your initial thoughts and what would you like to see next?