2024 has started with a boom!

After over two years of pain is this the light at the end of the tunnel or the calm before the storm.

2024 has started with a boom!
2024 has started with a boom - state of the market
We go LIVE – Sunday, March 3rd 2024 – 3pm UK TIME

Decred and the State of the market is brought to you by Exitus and PhoenixGreen.

In this episode, We’re having a general discussion regarding the direction of digital currencies and what’s next for the space.

Live stream agenda:

Decred Documentary, The potential of Decred being part of a documentary could be very intriguing, but how to tell the story?

DEXs are undeniably the future of digital currencies. An opportunity for projects to remain peer to peer. Which DEXs have caught our eyes this month?

The Vanguard proposal has been approved, as have the other four that were up for voting in February (Crypto Power Wallet phase 2, Decred Translations 2024, Decred Status Platform, and the Decred Website refresh). What are Vanguard's initial aims, and how can we help?

The question and research I’ve been conducting over the past few months, revolve around what the future looks like if we reach peak adoption, e.g. the scale of Visa or Mastercard (100k transactions per second). The main question being, will it still be possible to keep p2p functionality?